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May Events Newsletter

Mā te pohewa mā te auaha hoki, ka whakapuaki ngā kura e huna ana.

With imagination and creativity a hidden jewel can be revealed.

We hope Term 2 has started well for you and your school!

This month we are excited about the publication of our latest report, the Cyber Safety Action Plan report and accompanying template. These resources are designed to support schools/kura to introduce and/or strengthen cybersecurity systems and processes. Learn more about these resources below, otherwise access the resources here.

Stay in the loop about these and future opportunities on Twitter, Facebook or via the GCSN website.

Cyber Safety Action Plan

This short paper and accompanying template is designed to be used by schools to introduce and/or strengthen cybersecurity systems and processes. This complex, ever-evolving area of technology is required to keep ākonga and staff safe, not only from cyber threats and scams but also to mitigate instances of cyber-bullying and inappropriate online behaviour.​ Access these resources here.

There are several areas for schools and kura to consider when implementing cyber-security plans and protocols. Due to the evolving nature of technology and the internet, these areas continue to develop and change, and it can become increasingly difficult to mitigate such events. Ongoing review is important to ensure that the school or kura is prepared to manage ongoing threats to cyber security, and having a cyber security action plan ensures that the school has a living document which outlines potential threats that can be adjusted as necessary as new trends and threats arise.

If you would like support from GCSN to work through the Cyber Safety Action Plan at your school/kura please reach out using the contact form below.

Term 2 PLD Opportunities

Partnering with the Christchurch City Council Libraries Design and Delivery team, GCSN is proud to support five engaging programmes designed to upskill ākonga to use digital technologies in new and creative ways. ​These opportunities will support ākonga to further develop their digital capabilities. Terms 2 and 3 are starting to fill up so now is your chance to register your interest!


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