All workshops are funded and can be attended at no cost

Te Tihi o te Mātauranga
Professional Learning and Development 2022

The TToM committee work to bridge the knowledge gap around delivering a digitally inclusive curriculum and digital fluency in schools for kaikao and ākonga.

GCSN x Christchurch City Libraries team

Partnering with the Christchurch City Council Libraries team, we have developed three engaging PLD

opportunities designed to upskill ākonga to use digital technologies in new and creative ways. These

amazing opportunities for ākonga enable them to access support from the Christchurch City

Libraries team to further develop their digital capabilities.

These opportunities are funded entirely by us at GCSN.

Full day session (9.30am - 2.30pm)

Auahatanga - South Library

Maximum of 12 students 


Ko wai au? Who am I? 

A full day programme which offers ākonga ​the opportunity to express their identity in a creative form. Ākonga will be

supported to work through the design process and create

a physical product showcasing their design.

Ākonga will come away with a finished design file and a physical

print of their design. This may come in the form of a t-shirt, pillowcase, badge, poster, 3D print or a laser cut product

of some kind.


This session is recommended for ākonga ages Year 5 and over.

Ākonga will need to supply their own T-shirt/ pillowcase to

print on. If this is a barrier for your school please let us know

and we will explore options of support. 

The Gathering Dust Initiative v2.png

1-2 half day workshops (morning) & 1 followup session


At your school


Do you have any digital equipment in your school that is not

being utilised effectively and may be starting to gather dust?

Perhaps a 3D printer, or a set of iPads, or cameras that were purchased a while ago that you just haven't had the

opportunity to explore the use of yet? 

One of the Christchurch City Libraries team will come to your

school to work alongside you and your ākonga to demonstrate

how these technologies could be used in a meaningful way to support teaching and learning. They will upskill a champion

group of ākonga and kaiako that can then share these skills

with others at your school. 

This programme would take place at your school and involve

one or two teaching sessions (half day workshops) followed

by a catchup session a few weeks later.