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All opportunities are funded by GCSN and can be attended at no cost

Te Tihi o te Mātauranga Professional Learning and Development 2024

The TToM committee work to bridge the knowledge gap around delivering a digitally inclusive curriculum and digital fluency in schools for kaiako and ākonga.

GCSN x Christchurch City Libraries team

Partnering with the Christchurch City Libraries Design and Delivery team, we are proud to support eight engaging PLD opportunities designed to upskill ākonga, kaiako and schools to use digital technologies in new and creative ways. These amazing programmes will enable ākonga and kaiako to access support from the Christchurch City Libraries team to further develop their digital capabilities.

To apply for funding, please fill out the registration form specific to the programme(s) you want to attend and we will consider your application. 

Creative Design Ākonga.png

Full day session (9:30am - 2:30pm) 


Tūranga Library / Te Hāpua: Halswell Centre /

Matatiki Hornby Centre / South Library


Maximum of 12 ākonga

Years 5+ 

A full day programme which offers ākonga the opportunity to express their identity in a creative form. Ākonga will be supported to work through the design process and create a physical product showcasing their design. 

​Ākonga will come away with a finished design file and a physical print of their design. This may come in the form of a badge, laptop skin, poster or T-shirt. 

Please note: This session is recommended for ākonga ages Year 5 and over. Ākonga will need to supply their own T-shirt to print on.

If this is a barrier for your school please let us know and we will explore options of support. 

Podcasting Essentials.png

Full day session (10am - 2:30pm)


Tūranga Library / Te Hāpua: Halswell Centre / 

Matatiki Hornby Centre / South Library 


Maximum of 12 ākonga

Years 6 - 8

With a practical, hands-on approach to technology, ākonga will create a podcast through learning the essentials of setting up the podcasting desk and using audio software for optimal results. 

This one-day session will cover: 

  • Setting the channels to record at good volume

  • Setting the microphones to record voice and tone correctly 

  • Testing the headphones for volume 

  • Editing verbal mistakes and adjusting the dynamics 

  • Adding effects, sourcing and importing music files 

  • Layering multiple tracks 

Product Design.png

Four two-hour sessions (8 hours total)


Tūranga Library / Te Hāpua: Halswell Centre / 

Matatiki Hornby Centre / South Library


Maximum of 12 ākonga

Years 6-8


Learn the ropes of product design to create your own fresh

take on a board game classic, Snakes and Ladders. 

Ākonga will learn how to use the design process to generate ideas, develop their creative skills and use the technology in the Libraries creative spaces to produce a functional prototype. 

Podcasting 101.png

Four two-hour sessions (eight hours total) 

Tūranga Library / Te Hāpua: Halswell Centre / 

Matatiki Hornby Centre / South Library


Maximum of 12 ākonga

Years 6 - 8

​Ākonga will learn to construct a narrative for broadcast that incorporates appropriate conventions. They will learn to use podcasting equipment, field recording equipment, and audio editing software to record, edit, and export audio tracks. Ākonga will come away from these sessions prepared to lead others to produce future podcasts. 

Resources used in this programme: 

  • Audacity  

  • Adobe Audition 


  • RODECaster Pro 

  • Zoom recording 

AI Filmmaking.png

Full day session (10am - 2:30pm) 

South Library


Maximum of 12 ākonga 

Years 6-8 

Do you want to explore the power of artificial intelligence in filmmaking?


Join us for an exciting programme where you will produce a short movie trailer by incorporating AI tools and the basics of film editing. You will collaborate with other students, share your ideas and feedback, as well as showcase your work at the end of the programme. 

Crafting Empathy.png

One three-hour session (including break)


Tūranga Library / South Library / Te Hāpua: Halswell Centre / Matatiki Hornby Centre 


Maximum of 12 ākonga

Years 5+ 

Through their efforts to collaboratively build a village in Minecraft Education Edition, ākonga will personally experience frustration, resilience, and privilege in a safe environment. Library staff will then facilitate a conversation where students can share their experiences and explore what it means to be up standers at school and in their own lives. 

Students will develop their ability to express their own values, explore the values of others with empathy, and make ethical decisions and act on them. 

Coding Creations.png

Three two-hour sessions (six hours total) 


Tūranga Library / Te Hāpua: Halswell Centre /

Matatiki Hornby Centre / South Library


Maximum of 12 ākonga

Years 4 - 8 

Ākonga will plan code and create a game or an app using Scratch Jr/ Scratch or Swift Playground (depending on the age and ability of the group involved). 


Ākonga will learn how to use coding software to make a game or an app, using Sketches Pro to make characters or other items for their games.  

Miniature Maker.png

Full day session (9:30am - 2:30pm) + follow-up session at your school (if located within Christchurch City)


Tūranga Library / Te Hāpua: Halswell Centre / 

Matatiki Hornby Centre / South Library


Maximum of 12 ākonga

Years 5+

A hero's journey begins with the Miniature Maker workshop! Ākonga will draw on their creative writing skills to develop a character and use creative technologies to bring your story to life. 

During the session ākonga will learn to:

  • Design and print a 3D character model

  • Laser cut and etch a terrain based on your story 

  • Practice the patient art of miniature painting 

Please note that the 3D printing will not take place during the session due to time constraints. 

Book Creative Space.png

Time: TBC

Tūranga Library / Te Hāpua: Halswell Centre

Matatiki Hornby Centre / South Library


For ākonga and kaiako

Number: Note that there are a maximum of 16 computers

Do you have a project ready to print or cut, but no machine to do it on? 

We have creative spaces across our network that are filled with technologies that your ākonga may like to see in action. You can book the time you need to print/cut your pre-designed work in our spaces with a tutor in the room for expert support on usage of the machines. 

Please note that this is a facilitated session and no training or formal teaching will be available from staff. 

Applications-based PLD 

GCSN is proud to work with a range of providers to support schools across greater Christchurch. We offer funding for PLD sessions for kaiako as well as learning opportunities for ākonga to schools looking to grow digital fluency, learn new digital technologies skills, or integrate digital technologies at school and home. 

If you are looking for something specific let us know using the form below and we will do our best to match you with a suitable provider to support your school. 

Our providers

Digital Learning PLD 



Emma Planicka (MOE Accredited PLD Provider) can provide: 

  • Digital fluency PLD

  • Integrating eLearning and digital technologies PLD

  • Creative digital technologies PLD

  • PLD to support student-centred learning 

Christchurch City Council Libraries Design & Delivery Team 

An opportunity for you to share a project idea that is beyond the scope of the programmes advertised above. 



The experienced team at impactED offers support in various areas such as digital fluency, digital technologies professional learning, Minecraft tournaments, and enhancing literacy through digital tools. They empower individuals and organizations to thrive in the fast-paced digital landscape.

Are you looking to create the perfect product? 

Or explore new technologies to refine your production process? 

Have you thought about how to promote your idea? 

GCSN is excited to support teams participating in the Young Enterprise Scheme across the Greater Christchurch area. If your YES team has an inspired idea and is looking for support to learn new digital fluency skills, create a product, or marketing and branding support we may be able to help out! 

GCSN can provide: 

  • Support to learn new skills and develop amazing products through the Christchurch City Council Libraries programmes  

  • Digital fluency skills development 

  • Outreach support 

  • A media kit equipped with all the essentials
    (Digital Camera, Drone, Microphone System, Condenser Microphone, Gimbal Stabiliser, Reflector, SD cards) 


If you are a YES team looking for support, let us know what you are looking for using the form below and we will be in touch soon!   

GCSN x Young Enterprise Scheme

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