Workshop Resources

Digital Technologies 
Implementation Framework 2021

To support schools, students and whānau with Digital Technologies Implementation we've created a framework with guidelines and tools for you to use.  

Access the 2021 DT Implementation Framework Here
Digital Technologies Implementation Framework 2021
DT Implementation: Strategic Planning in your School
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Digital Wellbeing Resources
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Digital Wellbeing Resources

The seven module Digital Wellbeing Resource is an interactive and self-directed slideshow to facilitate staff PLD, including a presentation to facilitate a whānau information night, and other resources that can be used in workshops. 

Policy and Procedures Remote Learning
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Workshop Presentations
Technical Provider Checklist
Developing Digital Leadership
Digital Technologies - Getting Started
Creating with ipads - senior
Cyber Safety in Schools
Tools for Creating with Google - Half da
Tools for Creating with Google: 1day
Sphero in the Classroom
Google Skills Tips and Tricks for Teache
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