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June Events Newsletter

Whāia te mātauranga hei oranga mō koutou

Seek after learning for the sake of your wellbeing

We hope Term 2 is going well for you so far! With 2023 flying by and Term 3 not far away we wanted to share some opportunities with you about how to get ākonga involved in STEAM opportunities for Terms 3 and 4.

Learn about our Term 3 school programme funding opportunities offered in partnership with the Christchurch City Council Libraries Design & Delivery team. Check out the potential outputs from these programmes and get inspired for how they can support your teaching and learning in Terms 3 and 4. Also, read about Putting the A Back in STEAM, GCSN's contribution to the Ōtautahi Learning Days Festival 2023.

Stay in the loop about these and exciting future opportunities on Twitter, Facebook or via the GCSN website.

GCSN x Christchurch City Council Libraries

With Term 3 fast approaching learn more and register for these exciting programmes facilitated by the Christchurch City Council Libraries Design and Delivery team. Their team hold a wealth of knowledge and creativity which is captured in the following programmes:

  • Plan to Podcast - Over the course of 4 sessions create and produce all the feature of an amazing podcast episode.

  • Ko Wai Au? - Work through the creative process to design a physical product which represents an aspect of students' identities.

  • Coding Creations - Learn new coding skills to create a game, characters, or app.

  • Product Design - Use digital technologies to design and create a board game or chocolate mould.

  • The Gathering Dust Initiative - Expert advice about how to use under-utilised technologies to benefit teaching and learning.

Each opportunity is centred around growing ākonga confidence with digital technologies, fostering creativity, and gaining new digital skills. Learn more and register by following the link below!

Check out these amazing images from these programmes so far!

Aupaki Tech Fest

To show you all that the school programmes have to offer check out the T-shirt design created for the Aupaki Tech Fest 2023. GCSN facilitated a workshop at Tūranga Library alongside the Christchurch City Council Libraries Design and Delivery Team for ākonga leaders to design and produce T-shirts for the event. Register here for Ko Wai Au? if you are interested in creating something similar with ākonga at your school!

Putting the A Back in STEAM

As part of the Ōtautahi Learning Days Festival 2023, GCSN hosted Putting the A Back in STEAM, a panel event about integrating the Arts across STEM disciplines for the benefit of ākonga and their pathways.

We would like to thank Sir Ian Taylor and our amazing panellists Liam Krijgsman, Anna Ross, Hori-Te-Ariki Mataki and Lauren Pugh for their passionate and insightful contributions. Sir Ian Taylor opened the event with a discussion of the value of Arts in STEAM, the need to recognise the intrinsic nature of creativity and innovation within STEAM disciplines, and how a Mātauranga Māori approach reflects this. The panellists then expanded on these ideas, with each person reflecting on the role creativity and arts have had along their STEAM pathway and how these opportunities can be unlocked for ākonga. The panellists represented a diverse range of opportunities each unlocked by embracing creativity alongside STEAM disciplines, embodying the very nature of the event.

Ngā mihi nui to you all.


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