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#GCSNMedia4Good Behind the scenes

During term two 2019, GCSN began implementing the #GCSNMedia4Good campaign, the campaign was created to tell stories about the amazing work being done in Christchurch Schools.

After purchasing media equipment, that schools can hire, students Ameelya Boyce and Izzy Froom from Haeata Community Campus, supported by Clark Williams, put their hands up to be the first to create a video for the campaign.

Over the months Ameelya and Izzy have been learning how to use the equipment, and edit footage, to produce a pilot video which they showed to the GCSN committee. Who then gave feedback to guide the students in the right direction to produce a professional video about Haeata Community Campus.

Meet the team

We had the opportunity to chat with Ameelya, Izzy and Clark about what they have been doing behind the scenes for the #GCNSMedia4Good campaign. They discussed with us how they approached producing the video, the support they received and a show and tell of the equipment they are using.

Apply to use the equipment

If you would like to be part of the #GCSNMediaforGoodCampaign and have a group of students keen to create positive media around your school, then contact Arnika.


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