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#GCSNMedia4Good campaign

The GCSN Trust has been allocated funding to support 29 schools which sit under the TToM Project. There is a TToM Committee which has been formed to ensure that the schools get what they need, this consists of a representative from each school community. Arnika Macphail - Program Manager for the GCSN Trust chairs this committee.

From the Term 2 TToM Committee meeting in 2019 the committee members came to a decision that an allocation of funding for the TToM schools would be used to highlight the wonderful mahi happening in these 29 schools. This was then agreed to be housed on the GCSN website as video files.

Haeata Community Campus were the first to put their hand up to develop their story. Managing this were two talented students Ameelya Boyce and Izzy Froom. Arnika Macphail worked alongside the students to help with timelines, and criteria. Haeata kaiako Clark Williams was the support person within the school.

Arnika Macphail reflects on being part of the campaign “ I was so impressed with Izzy and Ameelya’s work ethic. They were so genuinely excited about the project, and the media they were pulling together was so professional. They came up with a list of gear they would need, and from there once they had it, they just completely took charge. I really enjoyed the project, and am amazed at what a 12 and 14 year old achieved.”

Our project team with the gear supplied by GCSN
“I really enjoyed doing the filming and getting better every time and being able to learn how to fly the drone and use the equipment.” Izzy Froom
Ameelya enjoyed “interviewing some people that I didn't know beforehand and learning about what they like about Haeata.”

The Criteria

The criteria was set to ensure good quality outcomes:

The digital outcome will be a video no longer than 5 minutes for web which may include a variety of the following:

  • Video footage of the SLT team being interviewed

  • A birdseye view of the school

  • Video or still images of the school in action

  • Interviews with ākonga, whānau and kāiako, and any other person involved around the school

  • Video or still images

  • Background music

Criteria also linked to the New Zealand Curriculum, and supported opportunities for students to align with the schools expectations of achievement.

Clark Williams (kaiako in charge said “I really enjoyed setting the bar high for Ameelya and Izzy and watching them gain independence through the process. It was amazing to see them come back after each shoot with better and better content. “

GCSN are very proud to be part of this campaign.


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