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February Events Newsletter

He waka eke noa

We are all in this together

We hope that you have started 2023 off with a bang and are feeling prepared for another busy year!

GCSN has been working closely with Christchurch City Council Libraries Design and Delivery team to support ākonga across Greater Christchurch to access creative and exciting digital technologies opportunities. Learn more about these programmes below or check them out on our website.

Behind the scenes we are continuing to work on new initiatives designed to support ākonga, kaiako, schools and whānau in Greater Christchurch and beyond. Keep an eye out on our Twitter, website, and Facebook for updates.


The GCSN Team GCSN x CCL Design & Delivery Team

Partnering with the Christchurch City Libraries Design and Delivery team, GCSN is proud to support five PLD opportunities designed to upskill ākonga to use digital technologies in new and creative ways. ​These programmes will enable ākonga to access support from the Christchurch City Libraries team to further develop their digital capabilities.​

Plan to Podcast

3 two-hour sessions for 12 ākonga

Ākonga will learn to construct a narrative for broadcast that incorporates appropriate conventions. They will learn to use podcasting and field recording equipment, and audio editing software to record, edit, and export audio tracks. Ākonga will come away from these sessions prepared to lead others to produce future podcasts.

Ko Wai Au?

A full day programme for up to 12 ākonga

Ko Wai Au? offers ākonga the opportunity to express their identify in a creative form. Ākonga will be supported to work through the design process and create a physical product showcasing their design. Ākonga will come away with a finished design file and a physical print of their design.

Coding Creations

3 two-hour sessions For ākonga aged Years 4-8 Ākonga will plan code and create a game or an app using Scratch Jr/ Scratch or Swift Playground. Ākonga will learn how to use coding software to make a game or an app, using Sketches Pro to make characters or items for their games.

Product Design

4 two-hour sessions For ākonga aged Years 6-8 Learn about product design using creative software and how to print using 3D printers, design cutters, and laser cutters. Ākonga will create a chocolate mould or their very own Snakes and Ladders game.

The Gathering Dust Initiative

One of the Christchurch City Council Libraries team will come to your school to work with you and your ākonga to show how digital technologies that may be starting to "gather dust" could be used in a meaningful way to support teaching and learning. They will upskill a champion group of ākonga and kaiako that can then share these skills at your school.


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