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Supporting School Networks

GCSN are working with Chorus and Network for Learning to pilot projects to extend N4L’s managed internet service so that ākonga have equitable access to their online education from home.

Talk to anyone involved in the Haeata Community Campus or Rātā Street school pilots providing free Wi-Fi access to the safe, filtered internet service they get at school and they’re all in agreement that today’s schooling isn’t what most of us will recall from our school days.

Digital and the need for digital literacy, dominates both school work and homework, with both frequently done online. Today’s schools have fleets of laptops, Chromebooks and tablets, with high speed internet connections allowing always-on access to educational programmes and reams of information for research.

But for an estimated 100,000 Kiwi students, internet access – and the learning that comes with it – ends when the school bell rings at 3pm.

That’s a big problem, according to Andy Kai Fong, principal at Christchurch’s Haeata Community Campus.


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