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March 2024 Events Newsletter

Nāu te rourou, nāku te rourou, ka ora ai te iwi 

With your food basket and my food basket the people will thrive  

With Term 1 well underway we wanted to take this opportunity to remind you about the opportunities we offer in partnership with the Christchurch City Council Design and Delivery team. With programmes designed for ākonga as well as PLD sessions for kaiako, these programmes are sure to provide your school with new opportunities to learn digital technology skills. We now have 10 programmes available: 

  • Creative Design 

  • Crafting Empathy 

  • Miniature Makers 

  • Podcasting Essentials 

  • Coding Creations 

  • Product Design

  • Plan to Podcast 

  • Book a Creative Space & Technician 

  • Creative Design Workshop for Kaiako 

  • Creating Resources for the Classroom 

Learn more about these sessions on our website or below! Stay in the loop about what is coming in 2024 on TwitterFacebook or via the GCSN website

Noho ora mai rā, 

The GCSN Team

Libraries x GCSN Programmes 2024

In partnership with the Christchurch City Libraries Design and Delivery Team we are excited to be offering a wide range of opportunities for ākonga and PLD for kaiako. Delivered by the Libraries experts, each programme provides an opportunity to learn new skills and access specialist support.

Crafting Empathy supports ākonga to collaboratively build a village in Minecraft Education to learn how to express their values, explore others values with empathy, and make ethical decisions. They will experience frustration, resilience, and privilege in a safe environment before coming together to share their experiences.

Creative Design offers ākonga an opportunity to express their identity in a creative form. They will be supported to work through the design process to create a physical product showcasing their design. This might be a T-shirt, badge, laptop skin or poster. 

Coding Creations is designed to support ākonga to plan code and create a game or an app using Scratch Jr/ Scratch or Swift Playground. They will learn how to use coding software and Sketches Pro to make characters or other items for their games. 

Podcasting Essentials is a full day introduction to podcasting focused on teaching ākonga the basics in a practical, hands-on way. The session will cover getting setup, recording audio and audio editing skills. 

Product Design supports ākonga to learn the ropes of product design to create their own take on a Snakes and Ladders game. Students will learn how to use the design process to generate ideas, develop their creative skills and produce a functional prototype. 

Miniature Maker has been designed to support ākonga to design and create a 3D model. Students will draw on their creative writing skills to create a character and learn how to turn it into their own 3D miniature ready to be decorated to bring their story to life.

Ākonga will learn how to construct a narrative, use podcasting equipment and audio editing software to record, edit and export audio tracks. They will come away from the programme prepared to lead others to produce future podcasts.

Do you have a project ready to print or cut but no machine to do it on? 

The Libraries have creative spaces available that you can book for the time you need to print or cut your pre-designed projects with a tutor in the room for expert support on the usage of the machines. 

Kaiako will learn how to use design software associated with various creative technologies to be able to pass on these skills to ākonga. These sessions will include designing T-shirts, creating wall stickers, and designing and printing key tags or pendants. 

Kaiako will learn how to create resources for pre and early readers. The aim of the training is to provide teachers with the skills to create self-designed, quality resources to use across the curriculum year after year. 


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