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April 2024 Events Newsletter

Nāu te rourou, nāku te rourou, ka ora ai te iwi 

With your food basket and my food basket the people will thrive  

With Term 1 coming to a close we hope you have had an good start to the year and are excited about what the rest of 2024 has to offer. 

We are excited to announce two new projects we have been working on behind the scenes. In partnership with Wilj Dekkers, we are excited to be supporting two events as part of the 2024 Ōtautahi Learning Days festival: AI in Education and Redzone Recovery. We have also developed a new resource about cyberbullying, Hidden Behind the Screen, to support kaiako, support staff, leaders and kura/schools to better understand, identify and address cyberbullying issues. 

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank Leona Harris for her dedication to the GCSN as Project Coordinator for the GCSN x Ciena Jump for Students Fund project. Leona has decided to move on from the GCSN after several years of hard work to get the project up and running. On behalf of the GCSN, she has supported the expansion of the project to benefit ākonga and their whānau across greater Ōtautahi by enabling them to be connected to free wireless internet access at home. We are grateful for all the work Leona has done on behalf of the GCSN and have no doubt she will continue to thrive in whatever comes next. 

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Noho ora mai rā, 

The GCSN Team

Hidden Behind the Screen

Hidden Behind the Screen: A comprehensive guide to cyberbullying for schools and kura provides kaiako, school leaders and support staff with information about cyberbullying, how it can be addressed, and strategies to empower ākonga online and minimise instances of cyberbullying.

Presented in five parts this resource provides a comprehensive overview of cyberbullying and how it can be mitigated, including practical tips and tools to support schools/kura. Each part addresses a different aspect of cyberbullying to support schools/kura and their people to understand, identify and be equipped to mitigate instances of cyberbullying.

  • Part One: An Introduction to Cyberbullying establishes cyberbullying as a complex topic and aims to provide a comprehensive overview of what cyberbullying is, who it affects and its impact. 

  • Part Two: What is Cyberbullying? distinguishes cyberbullying from other types of bullying, outlining its unique features that schools/kura may have already identified.

  • Part Three: The Causes and Antecedents of Cyberbullying explores why people cyberbully and why people are targeted. 

  • Part Four: Building a Culture of Digital Citizenship sets out how establishing a school/kura-wide culture of digital citizenship can help mitigate instances of cyberbullying. It includes an evaluation tool that can be used by schools/kura to evaluate their digital citizenship integration.

  • Part Five: Tips for Dealing with Cyberbullying provides practical tips for schools/kura, leaders, kaiako and support staff that can be implemented in a school setting, including flowcharts that can be used when incidents occur. 

Ōtautahi Learning Days Festival 2024

In partnership with Wilj Dekkers, GCSN is excited to be offering two experiences for the 2024 Ōtautahi Learning Days festival: AI for Educators and Redzone Recovery. Learn more about each opportunity below. 

Hosted by Wilj Dekkers this workshop provides a hands-on exploration of what can be achieved when using AI tools to support kaiako. Whether developing resources or reducing workloads, we hope to inspire and empower kaiako to use generative AI to benefit ākonga. The workshop will be hosted in person with kaiako choosing between a morning (9-10am) or afternoon session (4-5pm).

Facilitated by Wilj, the GCSN Redzone Recovery Minecraft Education Challenge offers ākonga a change to explore environmental recovery initiatives and contribute their own vision for the untouched red zones across Ōtautahi.


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