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GCSN Partnerships

Developing and maintaining strong partnerships with other organisations has been fundamental to our success here at GCSN. They have allowed us to develop and deliver the projects we set out to accomplish that will give the greatest support to our community.

Why are partnerships important?

In the current climate it is important to acknowledge the good that is happening in our city to work together towards a better place for our tamariki. GCSN prides itself on the ability to work alongside others for the greater good.

Importance of Partnerships

Over the years, we have found that there are four main benefits to developing and maintaining partnerships with both local and global organisations.

Modelling for our ākonga and kaiako

‍Modelling to the people we serve that partnerships are important to us, encourages them to start to develop partnerships of their own, whether that be partnerships between schools, or on a global scale.

Better leverage for opportunities

‍Having contacts within other organisations opens communications, allowing us to work together as a team to create better opportunities for the community we serve.

Shared resources

‍Supporting other organisations through our shared resources creates a strong community of businesses. We can call on others, just as they can call on us, to share the resources we have at our disposal.

He tangata

‍The people we serve are the heart of our community, and the partnerships we have allow us to provide them with greater access to technology and resources that close the digital divide.

As we move into the future we look forward to developing our partnerships, and would like to acknowledge our current work with the following organisations, all of whom have supported us greatly in our endeavours.

GCSN are working with a number of agencies to support educators understanding of technology in education including:

  • Google EDU NZ

  • Microsoft EDU NZ

  • PBTech

We are working closely with the STEAM Collective, Aranui Community Library, Tūranga, United Nations Canterbury, Learning City Christchurch to support their goals and ours of equity across the city and in the education sector especially.

A special thank you to Haeata who we are working closely with on ConnectED. this is a one of a kind Ministry of Education EDA4S pilot here in Christchurch.

GCSN are also lucky to have our TToM Committee which is a group of amazing educators from across Christchurch including Rebecca Swanson, Whitney Hansen, Amanda Campbell, Janeane Reid, Robin Sutton, and Karyn Gray - chaired by Arnika Macphail. This group do an exceptional job of ensuring the work GCSN does aligns with the reality of what is happening in schools across Christchurch and the wider community.

If you have an opportunity you think GCSN may be interested in then please reach out.


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