TToM 2019 Workshops

GCSN are excited to announce the TToM 2019 workshop series. Workshop facilitator Emma Planicka is MoE Accredited and works with schools nationwide to deliver Digital Fluency and Digital Technologies PLD.

GCSN have worked with the TToM Advisory Committee to design 20 x 2.5 hour workshops for 2019

Please click here for full details of workshops.

The 20 workshops have been developed from the 2018 feedback and evaluation of each TToM Member School by TToM Advisory Committee. They have been specifically designed with all 29 schools needs in mind. The workshops align with current trends in schools and with the NZ National Curriculum. They include training on

Google for Admin Staff

Google Classroom



Play based Learning with a Digi Spin



If you are interested in registering for any of these and are not a GCSN TToM Member School please be in touch